February 23

What if I don’t know my purpose?


"What if I don't know my purpose?" is one of the first questions to come up when I talk about the power of purpose.

If you aren't sure about your purpose in life you are in very good company.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Henry Thoreau.
I'm sure 'men' can be read as 'people' in that quote too. It was written well before gender neutral language was a thing.

A century of industrial revolution and another of mass media marketing has done nothing to make us any happier or more fulfilled. Probably the reverse.

The fact that you're reading this blog post tells me that you are on the search for purpose though and that is the start. The majority of people aren't even looking. They are living a 'settled for' life.

Your searching is your response to an inner knowing that there is indeed more to life than the endless pursuit of getting and having.

Behind the question "What if I don't know my purpose" is the bigger unspoken question of 'Do I have a purpose'. The reason many people are too afraid to probe this topic is that they are scared they might find the answer is NO. If they felt inside they had a purpose they 'like you' would be driven to finding it.

The correct answer though is an emphatic YES. Every single one of us has a purpose and it's as unique as your fingerprint or DNA.

The biggest clue I can give you if you are looking for your purpose is that it has nothing to do with having or getting. Getting and having is always temporary. It sets people up for a life of hard work, quiet desperation and ultimately disappointment.

You can successfully distract yourself with a lifetime of getting and having but it is not your purpose.
No matter how much you get there is always more to want.
People say "I just want to be comfortable" yet few people truly are. When people say they just want to be comfortable they're really saying they want the feeling of emptiness to stop but only just.

Your purpose is, your gift, your contribution to your world. Using your purpose is endless. You can never bore of it or run out of it. The better you get at using your gift the more you get back.

Your purpose might change as you go through life and you might find different applications or expressions for your purpose but it will always have a purpose.

"If you don't know your purpose, know that you have one, it is unique to you, it is your gift to the world, it is the source of all you need". PW


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