March 18

Tips for Consistent Posting #1


Do you ever stare at your screen wondering what to post next?

You waste time, feel stressed and risk not posting at all. Inconsistent posting kills your ranking with the algorithm and kills engagement.

I used to struggle with this. I watched all the experts on how to do Instagram posts, Facebook stories and lives. There was nothing else I could know but it didn't help me post consistently and enjoy the process.
So if you struggle with posting content and spend more time consuming other peoples than creating your own try this

Tip #1. Stop wanting to get! 

Get reactions, get likes, get sales, get comments, just stop wanting period.

Yes, I know all those things are important. The trouble is they are only really important to you, not your audience. Your audience want you to give. You can't give from a needy heart space. If you are feeling even a little needy it will come across as such. We are all fine-tuned to spot neediness. We know exactly what that looks and sounds like and without even being aware, it changes our perspective. We are naturally reluctant to receive anything from someone we feel is needy.

I can hear some of you saying right now! "It's all well to say stop wanting but I do want! In fact, I need". This may be perfectly true. So, you need a way to keep that sense of neediness out of your mind while creating your posts.
We've all seen athletes mentally preparing themselves for a big moment in sport. The beginning of the Grand Final, the start of the 100 meters, the free throw that will win the game.
Use the same process to mentally prepare before you create. Make sure your mind is prepared and you have something to give before you say or do anything.

Prepare your mind to give with, no expectation to get. 

The advanced strategies of increasing your effectiveness in posting are all great. There will be time for them. Once you have mastered this concept.

I will talk more about processes that help in future posts so stay tuned.
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