February 25

The Power Of Your Purpose


The power of purpose is available to you.

A power that can inspire and energise you. A power that thrills you and brings meaning to all you do. It literally has the power to save lives.

If a power like that is available to us all, why aren't we all using it?

Sometimes it's a lack the self awareness. It's easy to have a job, watch reality TV and be comfortable. Some people know they have more inside them and lack the confidence or support they need to make the first move. Some get caught up in other important things that aren't truly what inspires them, they see a need and try to fill it.

In his top selling classic book  titled 'Man's search for meaning' Victor Frankl recounts life in the gruesome Hell holes of the German POW camps. The one thing he observed that could not be taken away not matter what, was a persons will and determination. Determination to live with love, hope and purpose regardless of their dire circumstances. In fact the people with such an attitude had a better chance of survival.

You're not challenged with such dreadful circumstances as a POW Camp. For us the danger is being seduced into living lives of quiet desperation instead. Not sufficiently motivated to find our purpose because we already have a 'Settled For' life that's comfortable enough that we can put up with it.

It's easy to live without something you've never had. Twenty years ago, very few people thought about having to do life without a mobile phone. So it is with your purpose. If you've never felt the power of knowing you're living your purpose you might not miss it.

What does having the power of purpose feel like?

Think of the feeling you'd have heading off on a big Holiday. You've been saving and planning for this Holiday for months, years maybe. Now you're all packed and on your way. No going back for anything. There is only what's in front of you and that's great. Imagine that feeling. Imagine having that feeling inside you every day. What could you do with a life changing power like that?

People can do extraordinary things when they have the power of purpose. Think of Nelson Mandela and his years of struggle to overcome apartheid in his country. He was a man on a mission. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and countless other examples of people who have done extraordinary things because they had a purpose and a vision for making a change.

Those people have become famous for their efforts. The exact same process is available to you. That's not to say you will be famous or even want to be. It is true though, that they used the same power available to you.
When we talk of changing the world, 'your world' could be the entire planet or it could be people in your street or your community. Your purpose could be to make a change for 10 people or 10 million. One is no greater than the other.

History is littered with examples of people who have taken one small action that started a chain of events that led to historic change. Rosa Parkes helped end segregation by simply refusing to get up for a white man on a bus in 1955. Your purpose may not start a revolution, but it is your purpose and only you can do what you do.


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