Coaching - Individual, friendly, and confidential.

Business can be stressful. Technology and the market is always changing. Finding the right answers can be challenging.

The best way I know to help hard working small business owners is to start with a conversation. If you're not happy where you are, let's just have a conversation. I'm not selling you anything, no program, no course, nothing, until I understand your situation, and you get to understand me.

So, click HERE and use any of the options to contact me and start the conversation.

Coaching is my passion. I've studied small business management, I'm a certified Life Coach an experienced marketer and I've ran my own professional photography studio for over 20 years. Now I'm here to help you.

This is personal for me. I've been that introverted person holding my business back because I didn't want to ask for help. Don't do that. Just get in touch.

Marketing Strategy

My experience here means I can coach you firstly on developing the confident mindset needed to promote yourself, and the strategies that make promotion and sales more comfortable and wildly more effective.

Need help with Facebook, Instagram, Email, Google, YouTube or LinkedIn, Podcasting or Blogging? Just click HERE and let's talk.

Even micro businesses benefit from a sound marketing strategy and an action plan to follow. Only a few small businesses have a strategy. They're the ones that stand out.

The best place to start is with a conversation. Just click HERE and let's talk.

Content Creation

Content marketing takes time and effort and I can help with both.

I can help you master the dark art yourself. I can share with you the most efficient and effective ways to create and share your own content.

We can work together to plan and execute a regular content strategy that fits in with your skills and time.

Or, I can offer a done for you service. This  still requires some input from you but takes away a lot of the routine legwork.

Click HERE and let's have a conversation about what will work best for you.

Website Consulting & Creation.

When you need a website there are three ways I can help.
1. I offer completely independent advice on any website related question. Eg. Should I use Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly? Or if you have any other questions and you're not sure who to trust or ask, contact me.
I've built dozens of websites for all kinds of businesses and there's a lot of options.

2. I work with a network of people I know and trust to get you a website that is the right fit for your needs and budget.

3. I make websites myself for those people who need a basic WordPress website to get them started.

Click  HERE and let's talk.