April 6

How to structure your micro-content.


Microcontent is the kind you see on social media. It's content that can be consumed quickly. Think a few seconds to a few minutes max. Typically it is text, text with an image or a short-form video.

The once hugely popular typical Blog Post takes several minutes to read. That's a lot of time to commit if you're not sure of the value. The trend has been to shorter bite sized content chunks.

So! How do we as content creators tell a long story quickly.

The answer is to have a good structure and then chunk it down.

Think of a single post as one piece of a jigsaw puzzle. The picture only becomes clear once you've put a lot of the pieces together.

To create this kind of content you need to know your big picture first.

The big questions like who am I targeting? What is my message? What is my objective?

Next you need a structure to keep your pieces organised. Like a content calendar and posting schedule. Think of this like having all the edge pieces of your jigsaw.

Once you know what the big picture looks like and you have all the edge pieces filled in, it's way easier to fill in the middle. Imagine trying to start in the middle with no idea what the big picture even is. A lot of small businesses content strategy is just like that.

What are the cornerstone pieces of your content?


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