March 12

Creating Original Content


It's so easy to get sucked into following the latest guru or trend instead of creating original social media content. It's easy and it doesn't work.

A better way to think about your content.

Let's consider all your social media content as if it were your resume.

If I looked over all your social media content, I should be able to see your passion and interests. I should get a feel for your personality and interests, and your character and values. I would expect to see a progression of growth, an increase in expertise as you've honed your skills. Maybe a refinement in your targeting.

Is this what I'd find?

Or would I find a rather incoherent body of work, lacking personality and conviction?

Can I encourage you to stop posting for a while and take the time out to make a plan?

Step 1

Consider the platform and the content style that fits you best.

Are you naturally better at visual content than text?

Is writing your thing?

Do you love presenting to a camera?

It's fine to say go where your audience is, but when even the smallest of social media platforms has millions of users I think it's safe to primarily choose the one that you can display your best work on.

Better that some people see your work than no one because you haven't published.

Step 2

Choose a secondary platform that you can easily repurpose your content on.

For example. If you choose YouTube as your primary channel, you could cut up your longer form video into shorter grabs and post them on IGTV or LinkedIn

If you choose to Blog, you can post them as articles on LinkedIn.

Step 3

Make a commitment to be consistent and put out great content on just those 2 platforms. You can always go wider when you've really nailed the first ones.

Decide how often you can post without burning yourself out and do that.

You will do much better if you do a little less consistently than doing too much and having to stop.


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