March 26

Building your know, like, and trust factor.


Marketers love to talk about the Know, Like and Trust Factor. It's central to personal branding and content marketing. So what does it mean?


Getting known by activities that create awareness of you and your business within your market.
I owned a Pizza Bar that was located right beside a major intersection on the main entrance to town. At night, the shop was flood lit from outside like a football ground. You couldn't miss it. We ran highly successful radio ad campaigns; the business was always busy. And yet even after 5 years I would still have people wander in and ask, "How long has this been here?" Like it was the first time they'd noticed.
Never underestimate how hard it is to simply get attention and get KNOWN. Marketing when you're unknown is like winking in the dark. You know you're doing it but no one else does.
The commonest marketing mistake businesses make is trying to sell directly to people who have no idea you even exist yet.
75% of your marketing activity should be simply getting attention and have nothing to do with selling.


Competition is everywhere. We all have someone who will sell what we do for less than we charge. Being liked as a creator and personal brand is what separates you from those competitors.
Again, it's pretty obvious that if your goal is to get people to like you then spamming them is not going to do it.
you can be entertaining or educational or simply helpful and caring. you can use your professional expertise and give away your knowledge and this will help build the connexion and bring people the next step towards you but still not really selling
At this point people still haven't shown an interest and haven't asked about your products or services
very few helpful and entertaining and educational and explain your products and services there will come a time when those people who are interested will reach out For more information and that is the time that you can sell


Trust is much easier to lose than to gain. One good way to lose trust is to by trying to sell to someone who hasn't shown any interest in buying. Selling when you don't even know if they need your product or service yet
By taking your time learning about your client and learning about what they need you build trust and make the process of selling much easier when it comes time.
The process of selling should be an automatic response to the work that you've done before that. It should be the natural conclusion of your conversations.
If you have identified their problem or their need and explained your solution and how it will solve their problem and make their life better, And if you've overcome their objections and built enough trust choosing to buy is a logical conclusion.


If your sales are less than you'd like, start at the beginning. Is it that not enough people know about you?
If so you need to focus on exposure and marketing.
Do you need more inquiries?
Maybe the problem is in your marketing messaging. People aren't clear why they need you or how you can help them.
Do you need better conversions?
Perhaps the issue is trust? Maybe you need to put more effort into building trust, giving value and proving your trust with guarantees and testimonials.


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