April 1

3 Reasons Why Pursuing Your Purpose Is Not Selfish


Sometimes people feel that to pursue their true purpose would be selfish. Here are 3 reasons why finding your purpose is not selfish. 

It allows you to give your best

When you find your true purpose and you’re living it every day you will be giving 100% of yourself to your passion. Every day is a great day. You’re in the Zone. Things are flowing for you. Life is good and everyone around you benefits.

Sportspeople know the importance of being in the zone. Regardless of which sport you choose, being in the zone is the Holy Grail. You can run, jump, hit, catch, and throw better when your mind is focused on what you’re doing and doing what you love. The same principle applies in your life. You’re not being selfish you are being your best.

It makes you more effective

As a newspaper photographer, I was often tasked with photographing people who were at the top of their field. I loved to watch how effortless they made things look. Anyone who is doing something they love is a joy to watch. The people that are painful to watch are the ones who are struggling. If you’ve ever watched someone forced to stand up and speak in public when they didn’t want to you’ll know what I mean.

When you’re doing what you love you are a lot more efficient and effective.

If you’re paying someone to do some work for you, would you rather the person who loves what they do or the one who is just there to get paid? You know the answer. So why is it any different for you?

You set a great example for others

Not only do your family, your friends, colleagues and customers all benefit, because you are doing what you’re meant to do, but you are setting a great example.

If you have children they are watching the way you live your life. They may well be modelling themselves on your example. Do you want them to live a “Settled for” life a life lived with purpose and passion?

People in your social circles may be inspired by you if you take the plunge and pursue your purpose. If someone you care about was thinking of pursuing their passion, what would you advise them to do?


Because your true purpose is always about giving and serving others, it cannot possibly be selfish.

Yes, there may be some adjusting in the short term as you transition, but we’re talking about the rest of your life here. Unless you’re already 104 it has to be worth pursuing your purpose. It’s not selfish, rather it’s your best way to give.


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